About Nootropic Supplements

About Nootropic Supplements

When I first heard someone going on about nootropic supplements – I had no idea what they were talking about!

I imagined that it was some medication that was only allowed to be prescribed by a medical doctor for a serious illness.

Well, actually, it isn’t.

Nootropics can be bought without a prescription or a visit to your doctor.

So What Is A Nootropic?

So What Is A NootropicA nootropic is a general term for substances that provide cognitive benefits to the brain.

These substances can be man-made or naturally occurring in plants and their extracts.

I will be avoiding the man-made, synthetic types as I prefer to stay natural and benefit from what nature has to provide.

These naturally occurring substances can be just as effective as synthetic products, but not have the harmful side effects.

How Did The Expression “Nootropic Supplements” Get Coined?

In 1972 a Romanian psychologist and chemist named Corneliu E. Giurgea used the phrase for his research. He took it from two Greek words nous, or “mind”, and trepein, meaning to bend or turn.

He thought this was a good description for what his research was trying to achieve – to enhance the mind or brain with the use of supplements.

He decided that any substance used as a “nootropic” must meet 5 criteria:

  1. Must enhance a persons memory and ability to learn
  2. Help the brain function under disruptive conditions
  3. Protect the brain
  4. Increase the efficiency of neuronal firing control mechanisms in the brain
  5. Be non-toxic and have few or no side effects

I have simplified these points down from medical jargon – but you get a general idea.

These are quite a list of requirements to stick to!

Nootropics Definition in Todays World

These days when people talk about a nootropic, they are referring to brain supplements or cognitive enhancers that can ‘enhance’ your thinking speed, improve memory and increase concentration in your daily life or when you have high-stress moments like exams or increased work pressure.

Nootropics Definition In Todays World

Another term that is thrown around is ‘smart drugs’. I am not so keen on this definition as not all nootropics are drugs – especially if extracted from plants and herbs.

So I tend to stay away from that expression when talking about natural supplements.

Why Are Nootropics Becoming So Popular?

It comes down to today’s world and the times we live in.

Everything is moving at such a rapid pace – technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, jobs are getting more and more competitive, school and college results are getting more and more important as job applicants are all vying for the few best positions in the marketplace.

Pressure, pressure, pressure.

Why Are Nootropics Becoming So Popular

If you get left behind, it is a long haul to reach the final destination – if you ever do!

Gone are the days of working at the same company and knowing that if you work hard and steadily, your promotion will come up and your salary will increase accordingly and your home and kids schooling will be safe and secured.

Job security is not a done deal anymore.

So, we all try to keep up with technology, advances in productivity aids and attempting to keep the pack baying at our heels where they belong – behind us!

This makes for a stressful society – especially when the world economy crashes around us and uncertainty in the market’s impacts on our job security. We lose our sense of ‘well-being’ with all this happening around us.

This is why we then feel we must fall back on a method of maintaining and improving our mental capabilities to cope with the demands placed upon us.

Natural Nootropic Supplements

Natural Nootropic Supplements

The brain is a very complicated and sensitive machine – this is why I prefer to go with natural supplements to enhance and improve.

Playing with chemicals is a dangerous game and is best left to a professional with lots of experience and who know all about nootropic supplements – both natural and synthetic. Those people who are severely affected and have serious issues which need prolonged monitoring and assistance – will need the medical assistance to balance their life.

Botanical ExtractsFor those of us who just feel they need a boost and a supplement to get them over the exam period, have a major event happening at work that they need to excel at or just feel they need to get out of the doldrums they find themselves in mentally – a simple ‘brain gain supplement’ is the way to go.

There are many herbs and plants which have marvellous qualities to enhance and improve mental performance.

The extracts of these botanicals are then combined into capsules or syrups for our bodies to absorb and use to improve our systems and brain functioning.

How Long Should I Take Nootropics For?

All supplements take time to kick in. I would advise planning ahead if you know you have an event coming up which you need to be on top of your game for.

Therapeutic Dose

Generally start taking a supplement a couple of months, or more, ahead of your ‘event’. This will allow your body to adjust to the supplement intake into your system and start taking advantage of all those extra herbal extracts and get them working in your system.

In this case, you can take the maximum dosage allowed in order to maximise your output.

This will ensure that by the time you reach your goal your brain is working at its optimum capacity and you are feeling confident and on top of your game.

This is a therapeutic dose in order to produce the desired effect and achieve your goal. It is not advisable to keep this up long term.

Prophylactic Dose

On the other hand, if you feel that you need to take them on more of a long-term schedule just to keep mentally healthy in general, you can take the supplements in a prophylactic capacity.

This keeps you in maintenance mode for dealing with everyday issues and mental calculations.

If at some point you need to up the dose to deal with extra stress – do so – but reduce the dose back to your normal intake afterwards.

What Nootropic Is The Best

There are many, many nootropic and brain gain supplements on the market to choose from.

What Nootropic Is The BestI can only suggest the one that I found useful and is made from natural extracts – Neuro 67.

If you would like to read more about this brain fog supplement – Click Here.

The product ticks all my boxes and does not cost the earth. Also, an important factor when looking for something that you need long-term.

I am sure you will not be disappointed with the results you will achieve.

I hope you have found this article about nootropic supplements interesting and feel confident enough to take the plunge into the world of cognitive enhancers.

You can only benefit and WIN!